¿What is Ping Pong with Obstacles?

Ping Pong with obstacles or just PingPongO is a sport consisting in a Ping Pong with physical and mental obstacles in order to give more dynamism, unexpectedness, democracy and creativity to the world.

The most traditional variation is to put three obstacles per side, of same shape and size (they might be Rubik cubes, legos, paddles, or just whatever it works to hinder the game though keeping the gameplay), but the salted variation (the table is covered with a layer of thick salt), the answers and answers pingpongo (a mental variation) or the volleyball ping pongo are also widespread.

You can read the extended rules below so you can find out about all the game details, as well as its philosophy and the burocratic functioning of this association which governs this sport globally and has already won everyone's heart. Also, reading the rules, you can find out about how to do your own official pingpongo tournament and, why not?, create your own pingpongo association in your city, neighborhood or country.

PS: Special thanks to cafe antipodes in Norway who kindly and heroically translated our rules into English


THE OFFICIAL RULES OF THE PINGPONGO (PDF - it opens in a new tab. Don't worry)

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